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About Fire Department

             The fire services are called as the fourth line of National defense. The Govt. of India has nomenclature the fire services as “Fire & Emergency Services” and designated as the first responders in case of any emergency. As per the National Disaster Management Act 2005, which is adopted by various states, the strengthening of fire services is under taken by many states so that they can respond to any Manmade or Natural Disaster.  The main role of fire service is divided into two parts one is Fire Prevention and another is Fire Protection. The Fire Prevention is achieved by implementing fire prevention engineering at the planning stage of any building. This includes the selection of plot or location of building, approach roads for the plot, surrounding activities of the plot to limit the exposure hazards. Then building planning such as type of occupancy, fire rating of construction, travel distance, occupant load, number of exits, refuge area, width of passages and staircases, pressurization of lifts, Lift lobbies and staircases, use of material for carrying out interiors of the building, fire doors, fire dampers in artificial ventilation, natural cut out  for ventilation etc. The Fire Protection comprise alerting the management and occupant of the building also it will helps to fight the fire before arrival of fire service. This includes smoke detection, fire alarm system, fire extinguishers, hose reel hoses, fire hydrant system, sprinkler systems, flooding System, dedicated underground water storage tanks for fire service and terrace level fire tanks with pumping arrangements. The mock drill or fire drill is also important exercise which plays vital role in safe evacuation of occupants in case of emergency. These methods will help to minimize loss of precious human life and salvaging National Property.

              As far as MIDC is concern, MIDC has taken a policy decision to provide full fledge fire stations in all its major industrial areas, areas having moderate or high potential fire risk and in special areas, SEZ’s where foreign direct investment is parked.  It is a part of basic infrastructure provided to that area and as per Section 21 of the “Maharashtra Fire Prevention and Life Safety Measures Act 2006” it is mandatory requirement on all Municipal Corporation, Municipal Councils & Special Planning Authorities.

              At present MIDC is maintaining 16 fire stations in various industrial areas and additional 17 fire stations will be made operational in near future. This help MIDC to create fire safe environment in its industrial areas and it is a need of all major industries in industrial areas.

              MIDC Fire Service aims to achieve fire safety by way of implementation of it’s “Development Control Rules” (DC Rules) and “National Building Code of India-2005” (NBC-2005) & “Maharashtra Fire Prevention & Life safety Measure Act-2006 & Rules” and other relevant Acts, Codes and Standards. This helps MIDC to monitor that there is no compromise towards life safety and fire safety in its industrial areas which helps to ensure to minimize the loss to precious human life and loss to the National property.

We are always committed to fire safety of one and all and our motto is


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